Sara Nossa Terra


On January 6th and 7th the faithful of Sara Nossa Terra church will get reunited in Anhembi Distrito to celebrate de lord word.

Sara Nossa Terra church was founded at Brasilia in 1992, by Robson and Lucia Rodovalho with the mission to make each person one Christian, each Christian one disciple and each disciple one leader, multiplying the gospel teaching.
Guided by the bible passage 2nd Chronicles 7:14: “If my people, that claim my name, humble yourself, and pray, and search (…) so I will listen from the sky, and I will forgive the sinners and health the earth”, and for the symbol of the “flame”, Lucia e Robson prospered the church for beyond the Brazil frontier. Today, more than 20 years, the flame that was lit in Brasilia, now are present in all Brazil, and in countries of South America, United States, Europe and Africa. Around the world Sara Nossa Terra have more than 1.080 church and more than 1,3 million of faithful.


Jan 06 - 07 2023

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