One of the biggest events of Protein Industry in the world is back to Anhembi District.

On March 28th to 30th at 2 p.m. for 8 p.m. will happen the EXPOMEAT 2023 – International Fair for Animal and Vegetal Protein Process Industry. And in this 4th edition will bring the detach theme the importance of the protein industry on national economy and will present what’s the most modern in production and process, with new technologies, innovations and technical speeches made by specialist of the area.

In this year the EXPOMEAT expect to reunite the bigger players of the market been more than 230 exhibitors label, more than 130 speeches and 10 thousand visitors, is the right place to make a networking. Besides that, together the EXPOMEAT, will happen the FIRA – Fair of Animal Recycle Industry, a fair with focus on efficiency and process of sub products in production of flours and fats, and the SAVCARNE –  Meat Retail Hall, space destinated to show the innovations, technologies and process for all the protein market that add value to little, middle and bigger retailers.

The accreditation for visitation and participation of the speeches is free for the professionals of the sector.

The speeches will abord the themes bellow:

– SEDAGRO – Seminar of Specialists in Farming Defense
The debates will abording sanitarium questions of national flock, inspection of meat products, the international business, rulers and opportunities of the market of products based in vegetal protein.

– Meat Ingredients
A conference with specialists about legislation, tendencies healthiness and labeling for the protein industry.

– IIAR Brasil – Latin-American Congress of Ammonia Refrigeration
Debates with focus on the cold chain in the operation, manutention and security in the use of ammonia on the refrigeration.

– Meat Show
Speeches by specialist that brings the solutions and innovations for the present and future of refrigeration industry.

– Strong Meat Award
Valuation of the leaders and personalities of the refrigeration sector that’s detach in 2022.

– 6º Technical Dialog
Technical debates that’s related to the animal recycle sector that’s involve technology, rules, search and innovation.

– Zootechnies Technical Seminar
Debates with themes of genetics and improvement of animals, animal ecology and ethology, reproduction, nutrition and alimentation, sanity, business management of animal production, evaluation and technology of products with animal origin and activities for refrigeration.

– Impacts and Challenges of the Meat
A unique opportunity for professionals update their knowledge in productivity and quality of raw material and sustainability.


Mar 28 - 30 2023

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