Congresso Farol Autismo


Congress Lighthouse come to create a debate about new scientific studies and approximate the relationship of professionals and researchers of the health/education area and relatives of children with autistic spectrum disorder.

In this year the principal theme is Autistic and the Children Development, with more than 15 speakers that will broach questions about behavioral, locomotion, sensory, language and others. All of them connected with the children development, so expanding the discussion and providing a more clear vision when we talk about signals of autistic and comorbidity risk.

The event will happen on Auditório Elis Regina, see below the time and days:
10/29 at 7:30a.m. to 6p.m.
10/30 at 8a.m. to 7p.m.

Meet the Speakers

Dc. Teresa May-Benson – Occupational Therapist
Dc. Karen Bearss – Psychologist
Dc. Lucelmo Lacerda – Educator
Dc. Ana Cláudia Brandão – Doctor
Dc. Ana Vogeley – Speech Therapist
Dc. Clay Brites – Doctor
Dc. Marileda Gubiani – Speech Therapist
Dc. Malu Nogueira – Psychologist
Dc. Daiane Martins – Physiotherapist
Dc. Giácomo Vivanti – Psychologist
Nicolas Brito Sales – Photographer and Writer
Dc. Erasmo Barbante Casella – Doctor
Dc. Laura Kemp – Psychologist
Dc. Amanda Rother – Lawyer
Dc. Thiago Castro – Doctor
Dc. Temple Grandin – Psychologist e Zootechnist
Larissa Correa – Speech Therapist


Oct 29 - 30 2022

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